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lessons from within

inspired contemplations the morning after an ayahuasca ceremony:
  • breathe, respirar, breath. you can get through anything.
  • surrender to every moment. the more I surrender, the easier it is.
  • enjoy the silence.
  • joke with myself. learn more about myself. what I like. what my habits are.
  • it is the simple thing in life.
  • purpose of life - assist other when you can in an unforced way.
  • going with the flow of life.
  • thank you with intention and touch.
  • be grateful when things happen to you.
  • we are mirrors of each other.
  • I love myself
  • being me is the greatest gift to the world.
  • ask for help when I need it.
  • remember life has different paces depending on other's vibe
  • tag on "right now" - Jared
  • stimulus // response - feel the gap in between
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