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managing oneself

by peter drucker

what are my strengths?

  • feedback analysis - identify and concentrate on your strengths / avoid intellectual ignorance
  • lack of manners

how do I perform?

  • reader or listener?
  • how do I learn?
  • loner or work well with people?
  • decision maker or advisor?
  • perform well under stress or structured environment?
  • big or small organization?
  • do not try to change yourself - work hard to improve the way you perform

what are my values?

  • the "mirror test" - what kind of person do I want to see in the morning
  • value match that of the company?
  • strength-performance rarely conflict; but value-strength might conflict

where do I belong?

  • most people won't know where they belong until past 20's
  • but they should have know the answers to the questions above
  • decide where they do not belong

what should I contribute?

  • knowledge workers are different and needs to ask this question
  • three distinct elements:
    • what does the situation require?
    • given my strengths, my way of performing and my values, how can I make the greatest contribution to what needs to be done?
    • what results have to be achieved to make a difference?